Downstream & Midstream private sector
International Strategic Conference & Exhibition
30 Jan - 01 Feb 2017, IRIB International Conference Center, Tehran

The united voice of Iran petroleum industry

IRAN 2017

H.E. Dr. Ali Larijani H.E. Dr. Ali Larijani

Chairman of the Parliament of Iran

H.E. Dr. Sorena Sattari H.E. Dr. Sorena Sattari

Iran’s President Deputy in Science & Technology

Matthew Chinn OBE Matthew Chinn OBE

Managing Director, Siemens Energy

Amir Hossain Zamaninia Amir Hossain Zamaninia

Deputy Petroleum Minister for International and Commerce Affairs

Aziz Akbarian Aziz Akbarian

Head of Industries commission for Parliament

Dr. Hamid Hosseini Dr. Hamid Hosseini

President of Petroleum Conference - Iran

Seyed Mehdi Hosseini Seyed Mehdi Hosseini

Chairman of the Petroleum Contracts Restructuring Committee

Reza Khaiamian Reza Khaiamian

Chairman of Board Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers (SIPIEM)

Mohammad-reza Ansari Mohammad-reza Ansari

Vice-President, Chamber of Commerce, industries, mines and agriculture (ICCIM)

Hasan Hashemi Hasan Hashemi

Director of Engineering and Construction Companies Association (Oil & Power industries) (ECCA-OPI)

Dr. Farzan Golchin Dr. Farzan Golchin

Chairman Iranian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Products Exporters Association (OPEX)

Saeed Mohtadi Saeed Mohtadi

Chairman Iran Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Association (SATSA)

Dr. Ahmad Mahdavi Dr. Ahmad Mahdavi

Secretary General, Association of Petrochemical Industry Corporation

Fereydoun Hasanvand Fereydoun Hasanvand

Head of Majlis Energy Commission

Forouzan Abdullahi Forouzan Abdullahi

Board Member, Engineering & Construction of Oil and Power Industries

Ali Mohammad Memarian Ali Mohammad Memarian

Board Member, Engineering & Construction of Oil and Power Industries

Ahmad Jamali Ahmad Jamali

Head of International investments, Organization of Investments, Technical and financial aids

Mohammad Taheri Mohammad Taheri

The Association of Petroleum Industry Engineering and Construction Companies

Abbas Kazemi Abbas Kazemi

Deputy Minister of Petroleum for Refining & Managing Director, National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company

Narasi Ghorban Narasi Ghorban

Managing director of Kangan LPG Co

Gholamhossein Davani Gholamhossein Davani

Member of the High Council, Iranian Institute of Certified Accountants

Kazem Jalali Kazem Jalali

Head of Majlis Research and Development Center

Ali Saleh Abadi Ali Saleh Abadi

Managing director of Export Development Bank Of Iran

Seyed Kamal Seyed Ali Seyed Kamal Seyed Ali

Chairman and managing director of Export Guarantee Fund of Iran

Davoud Mesgarian Haghihi Davoud Mesgarian Haghihi

Chairman of Sabin consulting group

Akbar Torkan Akbar Torkan

President senior advisor, Secretary general of Supreme Council of Free Trade and Economic Zones

Dr. Mehdi Asali Dr. Mehdi Asali

General Director of OPEC Affairs and Ministry of Petroleum Energy Assemblies

Mehrdad Hussieni Zeidabadi Mehrdad Hussieni Zeidabadi

Secretary General - Petroleum Conference

Mohammad Javad Baharfar Mohammad Javad Baharfar

Vice chairman of commission of commerce

Ahmed Dosthosaini Ahmed Dosthosaini

Head Of National Development Fund of Iran

Dr. Gholamreza Manouchehri Dr. Gholamreza Manouchehri

Deputy director of the National Iranian Oil Development and Engineering

Mr.Gholam Hossein Shafei Mr.Gholam Hossein Shafei

Head of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines

Dr.Hamid Pourmohammadi Dr.Hamid Pourmohammadi

Deputy of Iran's Management and Planning Organization

Mr. Mohammad Hasan Peyvandi Mr. Mohammad Hasan Peyvandi

Vice-President and Board Member, Iran’s National Petrochemical Company (NPC

Mr.Hussain Alimorad Mr.Hussain Alimorad

Investment Director & Board Member @ PGPIC.

Dr.Mojtaba Gharavi Dr.Mojtaba Gharavi

Secretary General of the Association of Iranian exporters of technical and engineering services

Mr. Farshad Heidari Mr. Farshad Heidari

Chairman of the Board at Bank Melli Iran

Mr.Payam Paranda Mr.Payam Paranda

Chairman at Iran-Iraq Energy Committee, Chamber of Commece

Dr. Mansour Moazemi Dr. Mansour Moazemi

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade - Managing Director of IDRO

Dr. Mohammad Bagher Nobakht Dr. Mohammad Bagher Nobakht

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Deputy & Iran's Management and Planning Organisation president

Mr.Heiko Ammermann Mr.Heiko Ammermann

Roland Berger, Frankfurt Office Senior partner

Steve Spicer Steve Spicer

Regional Vice President, Business Development, Middle East & Africa - Amec Foster Wheeler

Vali Nadi Ghomi Vali Nadi Ghomi

CEO of Novin Investment Bank

Seyed Morteza Emami Seyed Morteza Emami

CEO of Industrial Projects Management of Iran

Firouz Ardeshirian Firouz Ardeshirian

Founder of Namavaran and Chamman Board Member

Habibullah Bitaraf Habibullah Bitaraf

Technical deputy minister in engineering, and research

William Breeze William Breeze

Herbert Smith Freehills Partner

Alexander Keya Alexander Keya

Ernst & Young, Director

Dr. Amir Kordvani Dr. Amir Kordvani

CMS Cameron McKenna, Partner - Head of Iran Desk in Dubai and Projects (ME)

Marquis Ennio R. Senese Marquis Ennio R. Senese

ILF Consulting Engineers Vice President

Behzad Mohamadi Behzad Mohamadi

OEIC, Managing Director

Matthew Culver Matthew Culver

CMS Cameron McKenna, Partner, Head of Oil and Gas, Middle East


The Investment Strategies of Iran Sovereign Wealth Fund

The National Development Fund of Iran:

Optimising resources to support private sector

Strategies and monitory tools for International Joint Project

Managing and hedging the Exchange Rate changes

Independent regulatory body for Iran Energy Industry

National Iran Competition Council, Iran Chamber of Commerce, Iran Major Oil & Gas Associations

Regulation, Competition & Pricing

Jurisdiction, Arbitration & Compliance

Categorisation & Rating of Iran Energy Supply Chain

Solutions to supports & boost national export through private sector

Export Guarantee Fund of Iran (ECA) & Iran Export Development Bank

Trade Finance , Underwriting

Direct Lending

Financial Intermediary Loans

Mapping & Rating of Iran Petroleum Industry Vendors

Iran Major Oil & Gas Associations including APIC, APEC, ICCA, ECCA-OPI, OPEX, SATSA, SIPIEM, APEC

Rating and ranking Iranian Oil & Gas companies aligned with Global benchmark

Categorisation of Iran Petroleum Supply Chain

Companies Credit Rating

Companies Capabilities & resources ranking


PETROLEUM CONFERENCE – IRAN is the voice of Iran’s petroleum industry’s private sector, which for the first time has united all the major oil & gas industry associations in Iran including: ICCIM (Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines), APEC (The Association of petroleum industry engineering and construction companies), S.I.P.I.E.M (Society of Iranian Petroleum Industry Equipment Manufacturers), SATSA (Iran Industrial Equipment Manufacturers Association), OPEX (Iranian oil, gas and petrochemical products exporters’ union), ICCA (International Consultants and Contractors Association of Iran), ECCA – OPI (Engineering and Construction Companies Association) and APIC (Association Petrochemical Industry Corporation). The associations have come together to host the international Petroleum Conference – Iran 2017, with Iran’s Head of Parliament H.E. Dr. Ali Larijani, Minister of Petroleum H.E Mr. Bijan Zanganeh, and Iran’s President Deputy in Science & Technology Dr. Sorena Sattari who have been invited to speak about the updates on current commercial projects and insights into the investment opportunities presented by Iran’s petroleum sector.